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Classic Mani/Pedi


Classic Mani/Pedi treatments include soak, trim, shape, buff, cuticle care, warm lotion massage and choice of traditional polish or natural buff.


Classic Polishes by OPI, essie, Zoya, and DND

Classic Mani                                  $27

Classic Pedi                                   $37

Classic Combo                              $60

Classic Mani w/Gel Removal      $36

Gel Mani/Pedi

Enjoy a Classic Mani/Pedi with a gel polish finish. Gel polish dries instantly under a LED lamp. Its high gloss shine can last up to two weeks or more without chipping and cracking.

Gel Polishes by OPI and DND

Gel Mani                                        $45

Gel X Extension                            $70

Gel X Extension (w/removal)      $85

Builder Gel                                    $55

Gel Pedi                                         $55

Gel Mani w/Classic Pedi              $77

Gel Mani w/Gel Pedi Combo      $95

Deluxe Mani/Pedi


Pamper yourself with a Deluxe Mani/Pedi.

Classic treatments are paired with aromatherapy paraffin, cucumber mask, and a 10-minute massage to revitalize skin.


Deluxe Mani                    $60

Deluxe Pedi                     $70

Princess Mani/Pedi

Ages 12 and under

Princess Mani                  $15

Princess Pedi                   $25

Princess Combo              $40


Cucumber Mask              $10

Aromatherapy Paraffin  $10

French, Classic                 $10 

French, Gel (hand)           $15

French, Gel (feet)             $15

Chrome                             $15

Polish change (hand)      $20

Polish change (feet)        $25

Callus Treatment             $13

Gel Removal                     $18

Dip Removal                     $20

Design                               $3 per nail

Massage 10 mins             $15

Massage 15 mins             $22

Massage 20 mins             $30


We use organic wax with natural antioxidants and always adhere to the highest possible hygiene practices.

Eyebrow                             $20

Lip                                       $12

Chin                                    $15 and up

Sideburn                            $18

Face (incl eyebrow)          $60

Ear                                      $15

Nose                                   $15

Underarm                          $18

Half Arm                            $30

Full Arm                             $55

Lower Half Leg                 $35

Upper Half Leg                 $40

Full Leg                              $70

Back                                   $50

Bikini                                  $35

Deluxe Bikini                    $45

Brazilian                            $55 and up

* Cash gratuities are appreciated *

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